A technical partner for your projects

Simplicity is what
sets us apart

To date, companies increasingly need to optimize times and their projects, which is why we have an essential and direct approach.

Familiar, convivial and humble!

This is the essence of the company.
A point of reference for customers, suppliers and collaborators, like grandma’s house!
A place full of experience and comfortable, a shelter.

This is our goal and our essence.

Our services


Through 3d cad software we carry out a complete design.


The design is what allows the realization of everything.


Each project needs analysis to ensure proper functioning.

We do what you want

We have a structure suitable for every need, we have a large production space equipped for the production of any automatic machine or inherent accessory. This allows us to provide “turnkey” projects.

Specific Equipment
Production space
Qualified personnel

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+39 0545 1971068


Via Meucci , 9 - 48022 Lugo (RA)